A huge crowd of people gathered along the road to welcome Jesus as He triumphantly entered into Jerusalem in Luke 19:28-42. Some rejoiced and praised the coming of their King. Others mocked and rebuked it. One thing is for sure, there were many confused people gathered along that road. Many had no idea who Jesus truly was and it hindered them from trusting Him with their life. Which type of person are you?

1. Just Curious (something in their heart tells them there’s more!)
2. Conditionally Submitted (followed Jesus until they realized He didn’t come for their agenda!)
3. Threatened (scared to death of Jesus because He threatened their lifestyle!)

Though some are more vocal and open about it, all three of these people were confused about who Christ was. Our curiosity has to lead us to repentance and faith. Our submission to Christ isn’t based on our circumstances. It’s based on the God that walks with us and leads us through our circumstances. Jesus didn’t come to threaten life, but to bring it eternally. When we see Christ for who He is, our only response is to trust Him with our lives. Anything less than absolute surrender is no surrender at all!

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