Art vidéo Village dans la ville
| Vidéo installation 4 écrans | Doc. expérimental | dv, betaSP | couleur | 00:05:18 | 2010 |

Face au développement de l’urbanisation, de nombreux villages dans la ville de Canton sont en cours de démolition depuis 2010. Il s’agit d’une disparition radicale et d’un ravage patrimonial architectural unique au monde. Dans les années à venir, ce changement de l’espace urbain, entre construction et destruction,représente un traumatisme important, dont la première victime est la population chinoise.

Zhenqian Huang
Born in Guangzhou (China). Has lived in France since 2004. After graduating at the Ecole Supérieure d `Art Lorraine Metz and Epinal in 2011, he then moved on to the post-diploma course at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, a prestigious academy directed by Jean-Pierre Rehm, renowned art and cinema critic as well as director of FIDMarseille.

A filmmaker working between Art and Cinema, his first video art project "Village in the City" (2010) won the first prize for video at the Art Schools of the Grand East Awards in France. His next video, "Déshabitation" (2011) won the special jury prize at the Festival of Video Art `D` Konschtkëscht, Luxembourg. He has exhibited these works at the Centre Pompidou and the European media art festival in Metz, Germany.

Another short film "Stand Along Zone" (2012) was presented at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris as part of the programme for Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid. This year, his Video Art installation "Avenue Rocket" (2013) was exhibited at the Young Artists Contemporary Art Triennale in Luxembourg.

He is currently taking part in a residency at Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts and is preparing his new project, an allegorical, fantastical short film "Killing a pig without Mao" which will premiere in this June 7 at PANORAMA15 in Fresnoy.

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