Will Stapleton, retired adult film star, tells the story and prospects of his new project- Brooklyn Head, a New York hat company.

This is a parody created as part of a larger class project- I was directed to create a "headwear company" from scratch. Parts of the assignment included a web design project, product photos, a CEO portrait, and location architecture photos. The CEO video was a multimedia exercise to see how students handled directing talent, video cameras, and audio equipment. I've taken several multimedia classes, so I was familiar with production and was comfortable enough to play around. Nothing about the assignment allowed for comedy, but my professors liked it, so no harm, no foul.

This video was shot with a Canon Vixia on a Manfrotto video monopod. I used a Sennheiser wireless lavalier kit to record dialogue, with the mic hidden beneath the CEO's sweater. Our shoot day was very windy, so the sweater had the added benefit of being a windscreen.

My "CEO" is Alex Lamport, a fellow Newhouse student at Syracuse University. He's a broadcast major and is really good at off-the-cuff speaking. He'll make a great anchor someday.

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