*An independent short not-for-profit and made just for fun...

Production 2009-2010. Released December 2011.
A lawless nightclub threatens to destroy the local economy and bring an entire town to its' knees. Two former friends turned bitter adversaries are brought together in hopes of restoring order to the bar and the town. Tanner, a disgraced ex-bouncer coping with his questionable past, and Dunnagan, a crooked "doorman trainer" attempting to repay an old debt, must put their differences aside to re-train in the sacred art of nightclub security. Only through bouncing and training can redemption be brought to the town...and possibly themselves.

Starring: Robert Ferrato & William O'Boyle
Directed by Keith Potoczak

Music Credits:

"Friends" - performed by Whodini, written by Larry Smith and Jalil Hutchins. Jive 1984

"Time" - performed by Hootie & the Blowfish, written by Dean Felber, Darius Rucker, Mark Bryan and Jim Sonefeld. Atlantic Records 1994

"Yakety Sax" - performed by Boots Randolph and William O'Boyle, written by James "Spider" Rich. Monument 1963

"Jumper" - performed by Third Eye Blind, written by Brad Hargreaves, Arion Salazar, Gus Redman, Kevin Cadogan and Stephen Jenkins. Elektra 1997

"Downward" - performed by Soulless, written by James Lippucci. WorldChaos Production

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