Adam is a mix of Spanish & Italian, Anita is a mix of Arabic & Greek, add everything into 1 wedding = FANTABULOUS wedding! It was so beautiful as if everything has been planned by the high above.

At Anita's place every one seems busy with the preparation, bustling with music and laughter, Adam presented Anita with a very beautiful letter, he took the effort to print it on this cool vintage looking paper and nicely tied with a ribbon instead of printing it on a white paper, and suffice to say that Anita couldn't hold her tears of joy.

As soon as the arabic traditional music started to play, my hip and legs just moved on its own following the beat of the drum, it was quite a refreshing experience witnessing an arabic traditional dance & music
before sending off the bride to the church, dancing must be running in their blood because Anita and her family danced very naturally, happily and full of joy.

Meanwhile, on Adam's place, they are just relaxing enjoying their "ORIGINAL" blend coffee (liquor infused) outside the backyard, and that is when one of adam's groom's man decided to prank him by adding some extra
infusion into his "ORIGINAL" blend coffee with salt, the result is…..well you know by his reaction on the video.

Time passed really quick that day, the reception was beautiful, attended by close friends and family, it felt very intimate.

And of course there's a lot more dance happening that night, both with traditional and modern music.

Adam & Anita thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your unique wedding, it was a pleasure working with both of you and we hope that your marriage will last with happiness for aeons to come.

Chris {papercranes}

Song by The Royal Sons "Without you" licensed through The Music Bed


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