The process of creating illustrations. Made for
The figure shows a platform for building web sites-communities of interest. Webmaster operates several sites at once via a single system. In the basis of the shown platform itself - with transparent areas, through which the visible wires, processor and chip. On the platform there are five sites, each of them reflects their niche - topic community:

1. Mountain Hiking, camping and mountain bikes.
2. Yoga.
3. Art.
4. Residents Of Australia.
5. The actors.

Drew more than a month, promptly made edits. In one of the frames, you can see how I redid players, playing cricket on aboriginal people, who play on a didjeridoo (in orginale sounds like "yidaki") - one of the oldest musical and spiritual tools in the world, which is used by the aborigines of Australia.

Soft: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Music: Kryptonic - Dream Weaver

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