Rigging Shot List

Rise of the Guardians
Dreamworks Cloth/Cloth Setup/Hair/Fur/Character Effects
Responsible for cloth, fur and hair simulation using Qualoth, Maya and Houdini. Worked closely with the effects animation department for the opening ice pond sequence on cracking ice and cloth interaction for the cloak. As needed, I worked on cloth setup for the North character.

Sobe Commercial
Digital Domain Rigging
Team rigging and tool debugging for the lizard characters in a Super Bowl commercial spot for Sobe using Maya. Rigs developed with expression based assets allowing the use of one rig for several different lizard types and uniforms.

Kung Fu Panda 2
Dreamworks Cloth/Hair/Fur/Rigging/Animation/Character Effects
Primarily responsible for the cloth, fur and hair simulations on shot work for numerous sequences throughout the film using Qualoth and Maya. When needed I rigged some of the characters and props such as the facial animation rig and animation for Tigress, the tension lines rig and rope wrapping rig and animation.

Sport Science
Entity FX Rigging/Animation
Responsible for the football and hockey uniform rigs involving the development
of procedural animation using automatic smooth deformation rigging tools in Maya. Motion capture was done in Motion Builder and animation cleanup in Maya. I developed an automated rig blending the mocap data, body rig and prop rig with a user friendly driven rig for the animator. Emmy Award winner. ***

Sony Entertainment Cloth Development/Pipeline
Using the Killzone animatic as an example, I was responsible for developing a cloth pipeline for the scanning department and creating a library of cloth assets for various games such as Killzone, SOCOM:U.S.Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assualt, NBA and MLB video games for Playstation 2, PSP and Next Gen. using Maya panel and object based cloth protocol.

Shrek Forever After
Dreamworks Cloth/Hair/Fur/Animation/Character Effects
Responsible for the shot work consisting of cloth, fur and hair simulations as well as prop animation using Maya on numerous sequences throughout the film including the cape cloth simulation for the Piper sequence using Qualoth.

Photon VFX Lead Character TD/Effects Animation
Responsible for the team development and maintenance of the rigs for the two and four headed Hydra characters, head regenerating sequences, IK/FK menus and procedural animation in Maya. Also maintained the rigs for the Hind and the Centaur including the development of hair simulation using the Maya hair plugin.

Stargate Digital Rigging/MoCap Animation
Responsible for the character setup for the soldiers and motion capture integration
into Maya using Motion Builder. I developed an animator friendly rig for tweaks effectively maintaining the mocap data and the animators input. Visual Effects Society winner._***

Starship Trooper Two
Gigapix Studio Rig Development
Responsible for the rig development of the Sapper Bug character as proof of concept for the film using Maya. Expressions and set driven keys were used on the animators rig to reduce of the complexity and speed up the pace of animation.

Final Destination 3
Meteor Studios Rigging/Effects Animation
Responsible for the rigging of 26 characters and blend shape applications in the
roller coaster sequence using Maya. I developed an automated rigging protocol to support the need for the various topologies. Responsible for the spark assets for the roller coaster brakes using Maya and Houdini effects animation tools.

The Invention of Lying
Gradient FX Rigging/Fur/Muscle System
Responsible for the character setup of the wild boar in the opening sequence
of the film. I developed facial and body rigs with a combination of blend shapes, set driven keys, expressions and procedural animation, as well as fur for the character using Maya.

X-Men 2
Cinesite Rigging
Responsible for the Night Crawler character tail rig writing attributes for the animation function of the tail in the opening sequence of the film using Maya.

Bounty Hunter
Lucas Arts Rigging
Responsible for the Jango Fett character body, uniform and prop rig setups for the game consule using Maya.

Jason vs. Freddy
Cinsite Animation Support/Training Supervision
Responsible for the training supervision of the established rig and animation support for the Freddy Pillar character using Maya.

Stargate Digital Modeling/Rigging
Responsible for the talking cat character model, rig and phonon library development using Maya rigging tools.

Stuart Little Two
Sony Imageworks Rigging/Match Moving
Responsible for the rope match move and rig development for the kitchen
sequence for the Stuart Little character using Maya.

Meteor Studio Rigging
Responsible for the development and creation of the rigs for the Slither character and the human body doubles for the police characters using Maya.

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