This 12th video introduces the band called Attakaza (あったか座). Attakaza is a multi-instrument (mainly shamisen and Japanese drums, Wadaiko, but also koto and other instruments) band performing almost every Fridays and Sundays in Misasa. They play traditional songs from all over Japan, as well as local songs like the one you can hear on the video.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page here:
If you are in Japan, near Misasa (Tottori) or even far away, feel free to come to a concert. It is free, and it is also the occasion to experience Misasa’s hot springs.

The song recorded for the video is entitled “Mitoku-san Gyoja Taiko” which literally means “Mount Mitoku Pilgrim Drum”. Mount Mitoku is the most famous mountain in Misasa on top of which there is the Nageiredo, a National Treasure. Mount Mitoku is one of the places where it is possible to practice Shugendo, some kind of spiritual practice related to Buddhism, Nature and mountains. Climbing the Mount Mitoku is by itself part of the Shugendo. Once you enter, you are “practicing”, and practitioners are called Gyoja. We could translate Gyoja by Pilgrim.
The song is recorded live (March, 15th) straight from my video camera (Panasonic HCX900M), so it could be better but it is not bad. I think that it sounds pretty nice.

The video is a bit different from my other works.
First, it is longer. I usually make 3 minutes long videos, but this time I wanted to introduce a full performance of one song. So it is longer.
Second, I only have one video camera and, instead of shooting from only one angle, I wanted to move while recording the song. So, I cut the parts of the video when I moved from a place to another and replaced them with other parts of the concert.
For instance, I added some shamisen scenes. It doesn’t fit the music but may give you a glimpse of what they do. I wish I could do a multi-angles video without using these tricks, but it was technically impossible.
I also show a pretty impressive way to play taiko. You will notice that at some point, they play drums imitating the movement of a wave coming from the sea. This part is from another song, but I really wanted to put it in the video.

I hope you will enjoy the video.

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