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When it comes to tools that can help you with any business Talk Fusion has opened the door for everyone to help them have success. I've had experience with video email for some time now, but talk fustion has really made it super easy. There are several competitors out there that claim to have the tools you need to be successful, but from my personal experience, Talk Fusion Video Email is the winner hands down. The beauty of talk fusion is you can use this with any business. I have clients from cars salesman to network marketers. My person favorite myself... I use it with my mortgage clients. In the mortgage business it's allowed me to close more loans. Talk Fusion Video Email has allowed me to put a face with my name and voicemails of all my clients. Imagine being able to follow up with a lead calling them by name. How much would that set you apart from the competition? Talk fusion Video Email has bridged the gap of total strangers and business people and allowed them to connect.

Talk Fusion Video Email and Network Marketing
I'm a network marketer by choice as well as a mortgage professional. I have been able to sign up several people into my primary network marketing business using Talk Fusion Video Email . Every network marketing professional out there knows it's all about getting leads. It most instances, the people you are looking to recruit are always looking to people they think can lead them and have an edge in business. Imagine this. You have a lead that comes across your desk. Regardless of how you got that lead, How cool do you think it makes you look when you can send a video message to that lead calling them by name? When it happened to me, it immediately made me saw wow... This guy is really engaged with his leads and he's not just signing people up in hopes of making a buck. He's truly a leader and not hiding behind bunch of emails. We all know the Internet Gurus who have big list and would not know you from the next person. They have an email auto responder that is set up before you even opt-in to their list. It's not personal at all and you probably feel no better when you get that email. BUT! When you get a message like this from someone who uses Talk FusionVideo Email, it tends to go a lot farther. Speaking of auto responders. How about instead of using a-weber to send out long drawn out typed emails that no one reads. Start to send out video responders. Yes, Talk Fusion Video Email allows you to send video auto responder message to people that opts in to that all mighty lists.

Talk Fusion Tools
There are some people out there who think that talk fusion is only about sending video email. That can't be any further from the truth. The list of tools are in the back office are endless are definitely in need of anyone trying to build a business both online and offline. The Talk Fusion suite includes: Video Email, Video Newsletter, Video Conferencing with unlimited seats as well as a live braodcast. Did I mention that Talk Fusion has unlimited seats with video conferencing. That in itself is insane! I personally like the video newsletter. It allows me to keep my mortgage clients engaged with what's going on in the industry. The main thing is actually read it because there a video in it with a true call to action. This isn't something that just written, it's spoken; you have a much better chance of getting your client to do what you want them to do with the power of video.

In closing I'd say that Talk Fusion Video Email is the sole reason I'm creating more income in my mortgage business as well as with my network marketing company Solavei. Talk Fusion Video Email has helped me tremendously in that aspect. Of course, as with any company there are a ton of marketers who will have the Talk Fusion Video Email scam videos... your gonna run out of leads... before you join talk fusion Video Email yada-yada-yada. If they are not in talk fusion. Completely ignore them. be sure to watch the Video Review below. I'm giving away a Free Trial of Talk Fusion...

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