In late 2012, we gathered Ziba’s lead designers, researchers and creative directors together to look back at the year’s most important insights — the crucial discoveries about how consumers behave, technologies change and markets shift. Throughout 2013, we’re sharing one of them each month, through the words and images of the Zibites who know them best.

April's Insight: Worth is Determined by Philosophy, Not Price

Freemium pricing models and digital services are detaching the price of things from the cost of producing them. And while this gives companies more leeway in their business models, it raises a question: how do you determine a product’s intrinsic worth? Increasingly, it’s the idea behind the product, and the philosophy of the brand that created it. If two competitors spend equal amounts on production, the one whose ideals resonate with the target market is the more valuable.

Your values are a competitive advantage.

2013 is when mainstream brands start asking serious questions about their philosophy and values. Knowing what you stand for and conveying that to the world is no longer an intellectual exercise for the touchy-feely fringes. It’s a necessity.

- - -

Molly Ackerman-Brimberg is a senior insights and trends strategist, responsible for leading many of Ziba’s consumer research efforts, using insights gained through observation and collaborative work to identify opportunities for innovation. She has helped create breakthrough strategies for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Costco, FedEx and TDK Life on Record, highlighting new approaches that open new markets for established brands. Molly is a graduate of design programs at Stanford and California College of the Arts.

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