Mayor Mark Mallory and Milton Dohoney, Jr. will address the decision made today by the Court of Common Pleas on the Parking Lease and the City’s next steps. Solicitor John Curp will also be available.

Event: Press Conference

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time: 1:00pm

Location: City Hall, Room 115


· A public-public partnership between the City and the Port Authority, so the parking system remains in the public realm.

· The City will receive an upfront payment PLUS an ongoing, annual payment over the next 30 years from the meters. This will start at $3 million each year, and is expected to grow over time.

· The parking system will be operated by a contractor –in this case, Xerox, who operates 30 parking systems across the country. All operators are paid a FLAT rate –no matter how many tickets are written or what the rates are.

· The City has spelled out all rates, hours and enforcement. This is not up to the operator.
o New technology must be installed before any rates are incrementally increased;
o Downtown rates stay at $2/hr. initially; Neighborhoods increase by 25¢ increments after meters are upgraded;
o Rates are capped;
o Downtown meters are in effect 8 am – 9 pm; neighborhood meters are in effect 7 am – 9 pm;
o “First 10-minutes free” remains at downtown meters where it supports business growth;
o Holidays and Sundays remain free at meters;
o Operator can only boot cars in cases of extreme non-compliance (at least 3 unpaid tickets);
o Booting technology would allow car to be freed after fines are paid in full (could be on the spot);

· This parking lease and modernization plan is a growth accelerator for the City. We have been experiencing incredible growth even as the country has been in a recession. This will help us take a $92 million lump sum payment that we can invest in other projects to help neighborhoods, create jobs and provide an ongoing revenue stream for the city.

· It is NOT a sale to a private corporation. The City will get the parking system and all improvements back at the end of the lease. The Port Authority, which is a public entity, will be the stewards of the system until that happens.

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