A group of friends found this cool skatepark in a old Roman catholic
church, called the Jozefkerk. In 2009 the local Skatepark in Arnhem,
the Netherlands burned down so the local skaters started looking for a
new location which had to be atleast 1000m2. After some reseach they
finally found this Church which was empty for the last 5 years. With
the blessing of the Sint Eusibeus parish they started building this
unique skatepark.

Now 4 years later the skatepark is well known in the scene because of
social media so some European riders/friends had the idea to visit the
Church with some smoke machine, cameras, cranes and extra lights.
Check out their private session all under the eyes of god himself.

Timmy v. Rixtel, the Netherlands
Guillaume Le Gentil, France
Jan Ebbert, Germany
Maxime Genoud, Switzerland
Warren Digne, France
Sven Boekhorst, the Netherlands

Filmers: Axel v. Dijk, Jeroen Wullem and Niels Groenendijk
Edit by: Axel v. Dijk

Link to skatepark: skatehalarnhem.nl/

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