For a nominal fee, CNDC provides qualified emerging and transitioning nonprofits with comprehensive fiscal sponsorship, which includes operating under CNDC’s 501(c)(3) umbrella, an existing back-office infrastructure, and the support of a team of nonprofit management professionals.

Comprehensive fiscal sponsorship provides charitable groups with the legal framework to operate without having to form its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

CNDC, a Colorado 501(c)(3) organization, accepts qualified charitable groups into its corporate and legal structure and by doing so accepts legal and fiduciary responsibility for projects’ finances and activities. By providing structure and services, we enable projects to initiate their good works immediately.

Projects, once accepted, become part of the CNDC organization. Projects stretch charitable dollars by sharing administrative costs for professional accounting, payroll services, liability insurance, coaching and technical assistance. Learn more about CNDC fiscal sponsor services.

This arrangement allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to focus on the mission of their charitable ventures. Comprehensive fiscal sponsorship also assures those who have invested in projects that their dollars are being well-managed and accounted for.

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