At 0'00''
Beauty unveiled, Jan 2010
Opposing actions come together to create balance and harmony, which are achieved through mutual control and inhibition - this is the concept of 'Yin and Yang' in Chinese philosophy. Differences were melted together in this encounter of Western contemporary dance and Chinese classical dance. As if sprinkled with a secret seasoning, new possibilities flourished in 'Beauty Unveiled', an experiment in intercultural dance.

At 2'30''
Re-encounter, July 2010
In Re-encounter the various artists have worked together to negotiate differences in their respective art forms and cultures. Presenting what each is familiar with in the context of an unfamiliar cross-disciplinary encounter with ‘the other’, has provided not only incentive but added excitement and risk.

At 4'35''
Beloved emoh, Feb 2012
When the yearning for home intensifies, cultural identity unfolds. Creating a new contemporary dance language inspired by classical Chinese dance, Beloved Emoh rediscovers 'home' through different perspectives and cultural backgrounds
At 6'15''
Snapshots, Jan 2013
Snapshots is a live music and dance collaboration with British Chinese musician and composer Liz Liew and Taiwanese choreographer/dancer Yuyu Rau. It is a personal exploration of key moments in life and its surrounding emotions, told through Rau's unique dance language inspired by Chinese classical dance and martial arts and an evocative live original soundtrack on piano, violin, xiao and guzheng.

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