A manifesto to inspire action to all the underdogs, around the world. This is our time to shine. This is our time to rise from underdog to Most Valuable Player!

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CONCEPT: André L. Campino
DESIGN: Alexander Kustov
WRITER: Alexandre Couto
DIRECTOR: Filipe Casimiro (Pipoca Filmes)
EDITOR: Filipe Casimiro (Pipoca Filmes)
SOUND DESIGN: Ricardo Fonseca
MUSIC: Why Do We Fall? (Adapted from Hans Zimmer's The Dark Knight Rises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
NARRATOR: André L. Campino


"Have you ever been put on the spotlight?
And put there fail to live to your potential?
Fail to live to what others see in you?

And even worse, fail to live to what you see in yourself?
Well… I have.

But there is so much more to a winner than the victory lap.

The long hours (day in & day out)...
The fall backs and the comebacks...
The lifetime of effort and sacrifice...
The brains and the body working towards a goal, a dream or whatever makes you feel like a winner.

The ultimate victory has nothing to do with the others. It’s the victory over yourself.
Going as far as you can go… and then going farther!
Prove that you are more than they give you credit for.
Prove that you won’t be an underachiever.
You will no longer be the underdog!

Make a big bang from sheer willpower… Don’t let it go unnoticed.
Leap over the fear of failure and go beyond the call of duty!
Because everything you need is already inside...
It’s your attitude that determines your altitude.
You have failed before and failure is a good thing...
Failure will always make you try harder next time.
But it’s not about what you have done... it's about what you haven’t done yet!

Crush the odds!
Break the chains!
Take your shot at success!
This is your time to shine...

Unleash your full potential. Become the Most Valuable Player."

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