Training with speed hurdles can increase any athlete’s performance, from the amateur to the professional. There is so much to gain so what’s stopping you?

Forward Power Jumps (4-6 Hurdles) – power, triple extension.

Space 4-6 hurdles 2 feet apart; they are placed closer together so instead of focusing on jumping outward you are able to maximize vertical jumping power. Start facing the row of hurdles, swing your arms from in front of you down and back while loading your body into your jumping position, quickly and forcefully swing your arms up and jump as high as possible over the hurdle, utilizing the triple extension. Land with most of your weight on your heels with your knees bent and butt back in a good squat position, then go back into your starting position for the next rep. Focus on landing as quietly as possible, this will help your body absorb the shock and keep your joints safe.

Lateral Shuffle (3 Hurdles) – hip flexion, lateral change of direction.

Space 6 hurdles 2 feet apart, and stand perpendicular to the row of hurdles. Start in an athletic position with your knees bent, chest up, eyes up, and butt back. Focus on maintaining this position throughout the movement. Plant with your outside foot while stepping over the first hurdle with your other foot, then bring your plant foot in between the first 2 hurdles, then once you reach the end of the hurdles, plant with one step outside the last hurdle, and go back in the opposite direction you started in.

Lateral Weave (6 hurdles) – proprioception, forward change of direction.

Space 6 hurdles 2 feet apart, stand perpendicular to the row of hurdles. Start in an athletic position. Facing the same direction the whole time, run as fast as you can forward until you have space to change direction and backpedal as fast as you can around the hurdle, then forward again. Repeat this movement through all the hurdles and back. Focus on not looking behind you when backpedalling and smooth transitions.

Performance Coach Derrick Broussard

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