This as demo of a game made at Malmö University 2012 during the course Experimental Game Interaction. Our goal was to lift the game arena and experience out of the screen visualizations and out into the physical space at a larger degree then with standard controllers.
We therefor designed a physical controller representing a hand to hold, with tactile feedback reminding of blood pulsing, heart beats, and "invisible" buttons.
The game we designed around the controller as basically an escort mission through a scary forrest leading a frightened child to safety, with the key mechanic of balancing three objectives: holding the child's hand and keeping it calm, navigating in the 3D-space with a Wii-mote representing a flashlight and keeping the flashlight lit by winding up the dynamo every now and again. Three tasks with only to hand to perform them with.

This project was made with: Christian Grimberg, Magnus Grönvall, Samanta Miszkiel, Johannes Nilsson and Thomas Rogowiec.

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