When we invent, we disrupt. When we learn, we disentangle. When we scale, we disseminate. And while each of the former is intimately connected to act of building, each of the latter is equally connected to a different act, one we might call “unbuilding.” In building, we press forward and work with confidence and know-how. In unbuilding, we look back, make adjustments, find patterns, put things where they don’t belong, and take the time to reflect. Far from the opposite of building, unbuilding is building’s other half—an essential part of any effort to open up new possibilities on the web.

Recorded at Build 2012: 2012.buildconf.com/

Filmed & edited by Box42: box42av.com/
Intro graphics by Matt DiVito: cargocollective.com/matthewdivito
Intro music by Tycho: tychomusic.com/

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