A Vivaldi Compendium presents "Midseasons": a tranquil tetralogy of slow movements from The Four Seasons, each personified in a serene setting and themed with a short sonnet to educe an essence of Mother Nature from Vivaldi's programme music. The scenes progress from daybreak to daylight to sunset to moonlight, as tempos wax and wane with the weather.

Interplay: Antonio's poetic narrative for the seasons involves a human element and refers to dancing with nature, while my depiction alludes to his sentiments through the convergence of flora, fauna, and phenomena.

Special note: The creative commons license for Midwinter is described here, by request: vimeo.com/63018499
Likewise, the licenses for each of my "midseasons" videos are detailed on their respective pages: vimeo.com/compendiovivaldi/videos

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