- Updated by 9/6 -


* Responsible for all CG aspects

1. Growing Tree(WIP)

Tool : Houdini
- One of the shots from my thesis.
- Added Custom Flower System based on Attribute Transfer and Houdini fur.
- For procedural growing tree, I used Point Cloud Search to make it search for the nearest points.
- For particle motion, I used volume velocity source.

2. Quidditch Stadium

Tool : Maya, Golaem Crowd, V-Ray, Nuke
- When the main characters get close, the agents will be triggered "hand up" motion.
- Cloth simulation using NCloth in Maya.
- Used Golaem Crowd for the agents.

3. Houdini Flip Fluid Wave(WIP)

Tool : Houdini
- Used Flip Fluid in Houdini.
- Extracted point velocity from HOT ocean and then applied the point velocity to make the wave motion as a custom force.

4. Shouting

Tool : Pftrack, Houdini, Nuke
- Combined Cloth sim, Pyro smoke, atmosphere and Volume light.

5. Wolf

Tool : Houdini
- Inspired by X-man such as procedural changing skin.
- The fur moves without any simulation.
- For growing fur = U(UV) value * point color * noise.
- I used Dot product for direction changes.

6. Extract Pixel Tool For Light

Tool : Maya Python
- I made this tool for matching light source from an image sequence in 3D space.
- Each locator will read pixel data and then transfer it to linked light.
- A number will indicate which light is linked with the locator after linking is done.
- It has "Interactive mode" which allows me to change the locator's position during playback. It will pick up pixel data and then update light color immediately.

7. Multi Playblast Tool

Tool : Maya Python
- I made this tool for covering the original playblast's limit in Maya.
- I used the Image Library to process images.
- Depending on how many cameras you choose, the layout will be changed.

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