This video is a follow-up of my first video about 'Conference2Go EclipseCon' - please watch this video first:
Conference2Go EclipseCon belongs to my family of Conference2Go apps - now totally rewritten with the awesome BlackBerry10 OS as native app.
As always Eclipse (Momentics IDE) is used as my IDE and Cascades / Qt / C++ / QML for native development.
The APP is available at BlackBerry World for FREE - simply search for 'EclipseCon'
This video covers the enhancements from 1.0 to
* select your favorite sessions or workshops
* easy switch ListViews: all vs favorite for sessions and workshops
* opening a detail from sessions, workshops, speaker and peeking back now gives visual control of selected row
* overview page for all sessions / workshops of a day
Most powerful is the new overview page: simply click on 'Overview' from your list of sessions or workshops.
You'll get a spreadsheet-like view for the selected day where the rooms are columns and sessions are ordered by start-time and duration
You can pinch and zoom or get the details page tapping on a single session. if peeking back from details page you see the selected session in your overview colored.
Now have fun with this video and the app - more updates will follow.
The Video was done with Camholder ( by Heiko Behrens.
More Info about this app and other BlackBerry 10 apps at or follow me @ekkescorner or read my blog or request a training if you also want to write apps with features like this one.

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