Press Release: Release March 31st 2013 - FOR APRIL 1st

UK Underwear Manufacturer Release Unbelievable New Pants

British made underwear brand bum-chums today released a revelation in underwear for the world, when it announced the arrival their new collection for the season “The Emperor’s New Pants”: a stunning and detailed 21st century design launching today. The Yorkshire based brand boasts “Fit for only the most worthy, these super, sleek and sexy pants are so bold, bright and brazen that they cannot be seen by people who are unfit, or simpletons”.

High Street retailers may soon be planning to stock this both shocking and innovative new line of underwear and possibly other’s in the bum-chums line.

A source from bum-chums told us earlier: “What started as an accidental discovery in underwear technology quickly set us thinking; it soon became apparent that this breakthrough would be a great boost for British clothing manufacturers”

It is reported that this new underwear is the first ever to use the ground-breaking fabric impossiblex; a fabric so rare, expensive and light you might easily mistake it for thin air.

Founder for the brand, Craig Hendry, who as well as general company running, designs and also helps to make the designer underwear spoke of how much he enjoyed working on the range, boasting “Impossiblex is what really makes this collection stand out. Of course we know some unfortunate people won’t be able to see the style and ‘bum-loving’ brilliance of the fabric and how the design hugs in all the right places. However, for the wearer, these pants will allow you the ultimate freedom of movement and will fit so well, you might fancy you’re wearing no clothes at all.”

Co-founder Gareth Dickinson ''Collectively with the design team we spent a lot of time working on the feel, fit and style of this new range to ensure the product is not only something any self-respecting guy would wear but also one which would once again bring to light the power of British Clothing Manufacturing.”

Bum-chums manufactures all of their underwear here in the UK from their factories in West Yorkshire, using 95% UK made produce within their garments; a point they pride themselves upon.
This British-brand launch their fantastical new range online and in limited stores across the UK today April 1st 2013, just in time for you to “get it”!!!

Product Description bum-chums is excited to present our newest and proudest breakthrough in pants technology. This range is set to redefine the way we think about and see our underwear. Sensuous and superfine fabric that we’re brand-naming “Impossiblex” is a 12 way stretch material that is guaranteed to fit like your skin. Ipossiblex is made at night, forced in underground sheds, from ultra-fine mechanical nano-spiders, which spin an invisible fractal funnel-web, making this the ideal fabric for these garments and it’s produced solely in the UK. The “Emperor’s New Pants” collection features a mix of contemporary design along with metamodernism, something slightly ironic.

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