The Solite 250 has blown me away with how powerful it is and how long the battery lasts. The light is extremely small for it's 250 lumen capability and will last for 2.5 hours on that setting. It also has 125 lumens, 30 lumens, 6 lumens reading mode, and a 30 lumens blinking mode. There is also a feature where you can lock the light so if you throw it in a backpack it cannot be inadvertently turned on (a feature I find very useful).

I have used the Solite 250 extensively in the snowmaking department where I work from noon until midnight. The light has performed flawlessly under these conditions with water and cold being a constant. It outperforms our department's snowmaking lights that consist of a 12 pound battery strapped around your waste. It is very small and will have no problem fitting into a small pocket for an emergency light while heading out in the evening for a bike ride or hike (although it's so powerful it could easily be used as a main light on a bike at night).

The one thing to keep in mind is that it takes a little while to charge back to a full state if you drain it. I have found it takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to get a full charge (though Light & Motion says it will take 5 hours) but that is a small price to pay for a 250 lumen light that will last 2.5 hours and I am happy to accept that.

It charges via a micro USB cord which is the same cord that my cell phone uses. I found this to be a huge advantage as I already had the option of charging it via a wall outlet, cigarette lighter, or my computer. I also found this could be great if you travel to another country as you can plug it into your computer and not worry about bringing an adapter for it (which some of my lights require). Just one less thing to worry about as you travel.

I highly recommend this light and it's now the only one I use. I find it hard to use any other light as they just don't perform nearly as well as this one.


Light & Motion Solite 250:
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