Shot breakdown

All animation keyframed unless otherwise noted

Shot 1. (Jack the Giant Slayer)
- All animation and camera

Shot 2. (Jack the Giant Slayer)
- All animation and camera (BG characters mocapped)

Shot 3. (Jack the Giant Slayer)
- Animated running giant and horse getting up and running (most BG characters mocapped)

Shot 4. (Jack the Giant Slayer)
- Animated giant feet and human digi-double

Shot 5. (Jack the Giant Slayer)
- Animated trees

Shot 6. (Final Destination 5)
- Tracked camera(Stereoscopic)
- Animated wall breaking, debris, cables

Shot 7. (Final Destination 5)
- Tracked camera(Stereoscopic)
- Camera extension(roughly the last 3rd of the shot)
- Animated plane, guy getting sucked out and passengers

Shot 8. (Final Destination 5)
- Tracked camera(Stereoscopic)
- Face replacement
- Animated eye until it gets run over
- Animated car

Shot 9. (Final Destination 5)
- Animated 3D camera
- Animated plane and landing gear

Shot 10. (Sasktel commercial)
- All animation

Shot 11. (Bayer commercial)
- All animation

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