This video is a short compilation of test strips produced during our workshop Зеркало: Reshaping & Lighting Film Emulsion.

In this video, we produced several short strips of film (40 frames or less) for demonstration purpose using various techniques for reshaping emulsion, including reticulation, bleach-etch (mordancage), and dye-plating.

Because these strips were so short, each one was re-photographed using an optical printer, and than digitally transferred and rendered to loop at 12 fps (similar to step printing every frame twice) to provide a greater opportunity to analyze the footage.

In addition to this, each strip was re-photographed under different lighting conditions, including front lighting, back lighting and simultaneous front & back lighting.

Finally, some strips were re-photographed with a colored back light which could be theoretically filtered out in-camera, thus providing an increase in contrast. This technique, described in the video as 'channel mixing,' was simulated using Adobe Photoshop.

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