“Show You Show Me” is a collaborative performance project.

Over a number of weeks in February and March 2013, the Empire Theatre, Mercy Family Services and the African Community of Toowoomba with the support of an Australia Council Community Partnerships Grant partnered to create and develop the BAKUBA Entertainment Group of African Young Performers.
Artists worked with the performers in order to develop performance and presentation skills. The group showcased their efforts on Saturday 9 March at the Multicultural Fashion Parade held at Grand Central Toowoomba and on Thursday 21 March at the Empire Church Theatre as part of the Harmony Day celebrations.

BAKUBA refers to the Bakuba Kingdom of Central Africa, which reached its apex during the mid-19th century. Bakuba has been known as a very powerful Kingdom, organised toward a merit-based title system, very wealthy with great artistic and fanciful works, and very famous for its monumental helmet masks. The Bakuba have been described as a people who cannot bear to leave a surface without ornament.

Name of song – Song of Friendship
Name of dance – BAKUBA-Mutuashi

Rationale behind group - “Our sorrowful past belongs to history. Whether you are white or black, thin or fat, old or young, from North or from South, it doesn’t matter… Today, we are one. Therefore, let’s shake and celebrate our friendship”.

With thanks to: Jeanette Wedmaier, Matt Collins, Danielle Sbresni, David Barton, Charles Kitapindu.

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