©2013 Edmond Alexander
The Ghost of Grayton Beach

Turn the volume up to hear the many ghostly sounds in this one and read on..

On Saturday before Easter, I was out on my boat for the first time since early November of last year. I went out to explore a new structure that I had found on my last outing just offshore from Grayton Beach. See Grayton Grouper Hole here.

While in the same general area I had the oddest thing happen to me. Something took my underwater camera (attached to a large fishing reel and rod) while I was filming and slowly moved about 100 yards in toward Grayton. It was much too slow to have been a shark so I had no idea what I had picked up my camera... unless it might have been the old Ghost of Grayton Beach that I had heard about for years after moving To Grayton Beach in 1987.

When it finally let go, I retrieved the camera and found it completely undamaged so I was anxious to view the video when I got back home. When I did, I was truly shocked. It was indeed, the Ghost of Grayton Beach.

Watch as this video shows the Ghost of Grayton Beach "Moon Walking" the ocean bottom just south of Grayton Beach with my camera. He was apparently was still searching for the wedding ring he lost many years ago on a fishing trip with friends on the old Pete Hagan out of the Cut at Grayton Beach.

If you listen closely you can here the purr of his pet kitty, "cat", who often makes the walk with him. At the end, when he began to tire from the walk, he stopped to watch the big snapper swim by. If you listen closely you can hear him humming what is reported to be an old favorite tune of his wife, who died shortly after he lost the ring. The video then turns off and he disappears again.

I love a good Grayton Beach story.


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