Who is "The Dean"? Where is Cindy? And how did Nick get hired as a teacher? Confused? Keep watching to find out.

Chapter Three Credits and Notes

Starring Brady Doepker and Jacob Lucius
Co-starring Steve Morrow, Brandon Beining, Ed Burkholder, Adrian Castillo, Autumn Kauble, Megan Benner, Patti Concepcion, Chelsy Mattox, Somer Freeman and Kayla Draper
Shot by Alex Doepker
Boom Operation by Jacob Lucius
Additional Boom Operation by Jack Burkholder & Todd Pavlack
Make-Up by Autumn Kauble
Music by Jacob Lucius & Ben King
VFX by Brady Doepker
Sound Design by Alex Doepker
Written and Edited by Brady & Alex Doepker

Special Thanks
Todd Pavlack, Doug Snyder and Kate Ardner.
Additional Thanks to Steve Morrow for making the trip up twice.

Shot on a Canon XHA1, Canon T3i, and GoPro Hero 3
Edited with Final Cut Pro 7, Motion and Adobe After Effects.

Dead Shark Productions © 2013

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