My wife's uncle had his annual Easter party so I decided to test out the Metabones Speed Booster by filming the awesome kids who were having too much fun.

My conclusion, the Speed Booster is awesome. It's crazy to be shooting Full Frame at f 1.0 on the FS700. The DOF is super, super shallow; though for most purposes I wouldn't be shooting at f 1.0 as focus is pretty tough. Good for static type portraits and some artsy shots, but for any type of acting performance it would be a nightmare.

I used a Zeiss ZF 85mm f 1.4 (60mm f 1.0 on Speed Booster), Canon 24mm LII f1.4 (17mm f 1.0 on Speed Booster) and the Canon 24-105 f 4.0 (17-75 mm f 2.8 on Speed Booster). Everything thing was shot wide open / max aperture (mostly f 1.0) just to test out the speed booster.

Negative things that I have noticed when shooting wide open, which is not the fault of the Speed Booster, but the lenses itself. The Bokeh does assume a more Cat's eye shape (especially on my 50mm Zeiss ZF at wide open) and the background blur does have a less smooth / more striated look which is not as pleasing, but damn, you can get that DOF so shallow it's ridiculous.

The thing I LOVE the most is the the Canon 24mm LII F 1.4 becomes a full frame 17mm f1.0 wide angle. You can really throw on the focus on really wide shots as you can see from the baseball shots. Previously, the only 17mm option I had was the Canon 17-55mm f2.8. At f1.0, the speed booster is 3 stops faster. AMAZING! And super cool.

The is a really useful piece of kit. I would recommend it highly.

The footage is ungraded, straight out of the camera. The only thing I did was process it through 5DtoRGB to bypass the Quicktime / AVCHD clipping issue in-order to the full Dynamic Range out of the clips. Very important. Shot with Cinegamma 1, Cinema Color Mode and Detail at -4, Knee at 92.5, otherwise, stock settings.

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