Originally created for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project 48hourfilm.com/

This Directors Cut used an additional 20 hours of editing, 2 scene additions and updated animations for the intro title & ending credits.


Peter Calafiura: "Paulie"
Jeff Soukup: "JJ Jeffries"

Casie Platt: "Tiffany"
Robert Frazier: "Homeless Man"

Chris Young: "Flirt at bar"

Niya Donnelly: "Talent Recruiter"

Emeka Olumba: "E"

Erik Miller: "Denny Murray"

Samrawit Aragie: "Talent Recruiter"

Nicolette Dehi: "Talent Recruiter"
Marcy Soukup: "Radio VO"

Sukho Shevardnadze: "Soda Can Man"

Ihuoma Adaku: "Woman giving change to JJ"


Matthew Davidson

Kaan Pazarbasi

Nigel Parkinson, Jr.

Sherief Elfar

Paul Delligatti

Peter Enslein

Lisa Fentress

David Berndt

Elena Bru
Nichole Goble

Calvin Lofton


Peter Calafiura: Executive Producer, Writer

John Lofton: Director, Writer, Editor

Jeff Soukup: Music Composer, Writer

Igor Scherbakov: Cinematographer, Lighting Director

Robert Frazier: Sound

Chris Young: Scriptwriter

Nichole Goble: Script Supervisor
Niya Donnelly: Camera 2

Emeka Olumba: Vocals on "Nigerian Chant", PA

Micky Ronis: Camera 2, Lighting Assistant, PA

Anna Scherbakov: Makeup

Matthew Davidson: PA

Special Thanks: Bistro Lepic & Wine Bar

This film was originally made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2012.


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