A visual representation of a poem written by Lyndsey Romjue, modeled after George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From" poem.

AIM 2013
Second Semester Junior year.

Where I'm From:

I am from circles.
From sixteen steps and cherry blossoms,
from unknown uncles and the click of a button.
I am from grapefruits, guavas, and walnuts;
from sourgrass and wet slides,
shooting stars and trampolines;
unwanted glances and absent pride.

I am from soft sand and seashells,
from worn pages and yellow wings.
I am from constant beats that strike the ground;
returned letters in black ink.

I am from courage.
I am from the hunger of physicality,
from turquoise rings and ancient faces
from why-won’t-you-tell-me
and fractured explanations.

I am from overturned logs and blue stamps;
from a box of letters that won’t be sent,
from red leather and purple clouds
and wet letters on dirty cement.

I am from Starcatchers and chronicles,
from a triangle of acceptance.
I am from a walk on water
and twisted remembrance.

I am from silver keys and half-hearted smiles,
from music boxes and fairy rings.
I am from silent flames
and the Flowers of Guatemala,
from minds that overflow with rain.

I am from childish hope,
from the loss of control,
I am from sleeping pills and blinds wide open,
lifted lids that puncture the soul.

I am from stripes of overgrown passionate apprehension,
from feet that refuse to touch the ground.
I am from the back-lit silhouette of anticipation,
from a sprig of rosemary that can’t be found.

I am from the fear of yesterday;
from shoes too tight and memories gone sour,
from the seduction of sadness,
and the end of the hour.

~ ~ ~

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