Was able to hack the camera in such a manner to have it switch back and forth from 24p to 60p in the same file. It is actually shooting the whole time at 1280 x 720 59.94 fps. This is a custum hack hitting about a 55mbit average. 70 mbit peak. You'll have to DOWNLOAD the file as I don't think any online site supports this fast playback mode or switching real time yet. They all convert this file to 30p when streamed. Interesting to really see the visual effect of 24p vs 60i or p (the computer makes 60 into p automatically) in REAL TIME and see the psychological effect of 'film look' vs live 'reality' or news look. BOTH have their uses. I prefer 24p for narrative story telling and 60p for POV shocking stuff or 3D holographic shooting.

On VIMEO this will just be 30p - DOWNLOAD and play to really SEE.

Michael Biggins AKA Blackout


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