Explaining a complex product, or the total value a business offers, is a difficult process. If often requires a product expert, brand expert and a variety of detailed collateral. With the All Drive and PowerDrive web applications, the Cars.com team can now share business and product information fast and without hassle.

Designed and developed by Avenue, the PowerDrive app allows users to view the Cars.com website with custom features turned on or off. It also offers smart tooltips to explain new product enhancements. The All Drive app lets users explore the entire cars offering, giving customers a complete picture of the value behind working with Cars.com.

These responsive, HTML5 mobile and web-friendly apps are the perfect blend of design and technology. To date, they’ve led to immediate sales and continue to be an asset to the team.

Agency: Avenue
Client: Cars.com
Animation & Storyboarding: Chas Fries
Copywriters: Shachar Meron & Mark Fulara
Design: Alison Yard Medland
Sound Design: Noisefloor LTD.

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