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This is Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business Video No 9 - Video Dominance Part 2
You might think, as most first timers do, that a great video marketing campaign starts with a great video. Though content is important in order to have your video liked and share, if it's never found to begin with, the content will make no difference.
In truth, a great video marketing campaign starts with great keyword research.
That's right, just like your website and blog, you have to optimize your videos for the search engines as well.
So, start with solid keyword research and tailor the content of your videos using language that will bring traffic to it.
The most widely used tool for this research is Google Adwords Keyword tool. For your convenience we have placed a link in the description of this YouTube video.
If you don't have a Google account, you'll want to get one and sign into the tool with your Google username and password to use all of it's features.
Once you you've signed into the keyword tool, it's pretty self explanatory. You enter several phrases describing what your video is about, make sure you have the appropriate location and language chosen in the "Advanced Options and Filters" menu, and hit the "search" button.
There are a few other helpful tweaks for this menu, but fool around with it and it becomes pretty obvious how to get your best results. If you have questions contact us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or email support@woystermedia.com and we'll get back to you A.S.A.P.
Make sure to select the "Keyword Ideas" tab, then scroll down to see your list of suggested keywords.
Now, the first timer may feel a little squeamish upon seeing some 800 words listed, but not to worry. We'll carve through this list in no time.
Select "Download" then "download all search results" and download in the CSV for Excel format. Then find and open the file.
You're going to sort and sift through you list of suggested keywords keeping a few basic ideas in mind.
1. You want the lowest competition score possible. We recommend your average small business to choose keywords with less than a .3 score. If you already have a strong web presence, or there aren't enough keyword suggestions below a .3 to end up with a healthy list, than go as high as a .5. If you still don't have enough choices enter more phrases into the keyword tool being a little more creative.
2. You want the highest volume of "Local Monthly Searches" possible. The more people who've used a given phrase, the more potential traffic you'll have.
3. Whenever possible, choose words and phrases that a buyer would choose when searching for your product. For example; the phrase "discount designer shoes" is far more likely to be used by an actual buyer than just the word "shoes"
4. Make sure you can use the word or phrase in a sentence. If you can't use it in a sentence, it will be tough to work your new keyword into the dialog or description of your video.
For now you want a list of at least ten juicy keywords with one being your primary keyword or phrase and the others being secondary or "related" keywords.
Work your primary and one strong related keyword into the script of your video 2 or 3 times each and make sure each becomes part of the title for your video.
List all ten of your keywords as met tags for your video and use your entire script as part of your video's description.
We'll have more about getting your video seen as well as more tips on keyword research in future videos.
I'm Denver Lane with Woyster Media. Like this video, subscribe to our channel and check us out in the other social spaces, we'd love to hear from you.
The World is your oyster.

Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool Here:adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool

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