I must have been a wildlife biologist in a previous life. I never tire of watching the antics of animals. As an example, I'm facinated by the fact that the two squirrels in this video possess entirely different viewpoints on life.

Usually the squirrels who visit my back porch are completely indifferent to me, and behave as though they have no natural predators. I've even seen a squirrel and a Cooper's hawk sharing the same space, so to speak, on opposite ends of the porch rail that connects my neighbor's patio and mine.

So, to see a squirrel behaving so pensively was quite the event. Just prior to when I captured this video, Mr. Fraidy Fur wasted two potentially mouth-filling minutes staring at me through my living room window, vacillating between wanting to run away from the terrifying human and desperately wanting to snarf down some sunflower seeds.

Poor skittish critter missed out on all the snacks. But he'll come back. They always do :-)

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