Drama / Canada / 15 minutes

A young man returns to a traditional life in rural Newfoundland after tragedy strikes.

06. 2014 - Nickel Independent Film Festival (Canada) *Winner: Emerging Filmmaker Award
05. 2014 - Asterfest International Short Film Festival (Macedonia)
05. 2014 - Leiden International Short Film Experience (Netherlands)
03. 2014 - The Black Lab (Canada)
02. 2014 - Jozi Film Festival (South Africa)
12. 2013 - CBC Television Maritimes - Download (Canada)
11. 2013 - Shorts of the Islands Festival (French Polynesia)
09. 2013 - Atlantic Film Festival (Canada)

National Screen Institute - nsi-canada.ca/2014/06/the-world-is-burning
Film Shortage - filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/world-burning

Director: Justin Oakey
Producer: Adam Reynolds
Executive Producers: Edwin Dyga, David Reynolds, Joseph Wall
Director of Photography: James Klopko
Production Design: Amanda Row
Editor: James Vandewater
Composer: Mat McNerney
Sound Design: Mark Matusoff


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