"Cupcakes!" was filmed on a whime while we were bored in Big Bear. There was no thought about the storyline besides Mike wanting a cupcake and Keegan eating it just to spite him. Filming took no more than a couple of hours and the editing took MAYBE 30 mins. This film is just to prove to myself that i can create something that i can be truly proud of.

I hope you enjoy it, cuz we had a blast putting it together.


Modest Mouse - Guilty Cockerspaniels
Written By: Isaac Brock
Property of: EPiC record and other respective owners.

Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Written By: Cliff Burton/Lars Ulrich/James Hetfield
Property of: Electra Records and other respective owners.

i dont pretend to own any part of the music in the short, all music and lyrics are trademark of their respective owners.

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