CAMELOT is dark comedy about hearsay, opportunity and fate. It's a noir crime caper set in a small suburban town on the outskirts of London. A place full of wonderful characters.

Nothing ever came easy to Claudia, she always had to fight for everything she's ever got. The one thing she was promised was a 1981 Ford Capri, a gem of a car that her father had restored to a near new condition. However, when hard times fell on the family, the car was sold, and with it so too were Claudia's dreams of escape.

When Claudia see's the car back up for sale, there's nothing she won't do to get it back. Claudia hears a rumor in her local nail bar and this might just be the solution to getting what is rightfully hers. The piece will keep you on the edge of your seat and trying to piece together the crime, in the style of the Coen's, Alexander Payne and Rian Johnson.


We want to tell this story primarily because we think that you will enjoy it as much as we do. We want to entertain you. We also want to explore the nature of how people use stories to make sense of complicated situations. This is something humans have been doing since we were cavemen around a fire, telling tales of wild beasts. It is a film about friendship, greed and the fragility of life. About how we use stories to help us make sense of situations. It’s about how the unpredictable nature of the world can poke fun at an organised event or full proof plans. You're not supposed to get a flat tire on your way to your job interview, the horse you had as a tip off isn't supposed to come in last, and for Claudia, when your seducing a man for financial reasons, he is not supposed to die in your home.

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