One of four films created during the Rückenwind 2013 project in Cawsand, UK. The project brough four youngsters from Austria to the small village of Cawsand, to learn life skills from the Austrian youth and social worker Leo Kaserer and a traditional Cornish Fisherman, Malcolm Baker.

The shorts are for release in late 2013 on Austrian television as long form advertisements and in cinemas as a recruiting and publicity tool for future projects funded by AK Tirol.

AK Tirol

These films continue the story of the project created by Leo in 2011, they have a similar visual style and feel to the original film:

Production Credits
Produced by Leo Kaserer
Director James Stier
Photography by James Stier and Mark Lomas
Sound Recordist Karoline Singer
Special thanks to Malcolm Baker, Clive Brinkmann, Sharan & Martin Bettridge, Jerome Leopold, Halfway Harmony Choir, Marlene Dorner, Domä Agostini, Michael Seppi, Hannah Tiefenbrunner and the residents of Kingsand and Cawsand.

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