Demo Reel Breakdown.

1-Rough Animation Practices.
I made this animation test to learn about smear technique, exaggeration and expression.

2- "Vals"
In this case i like to show you the character development progression of a short film i've recently started to work on. Starting with sketches and exploratory drawings to define the look and personality of the character.
Then I show the color keys made in Photoshop for light/environment variations practice.
Finally a weight test animation, that help me to discover the character´s appeal and how he moves

3- "Bean" Character Development
Beginning with a series of sketches to explore the concept of character.
Then a model sheet to show the differents angles of the character, to sculpt in 3d model.
Then i did a walk cycle based on the what i think is the character thinking.

4-"Angela" Character Development
I made this character´s model sheet using Photoshop
Then a concept art of the character Using Photoshop.
For the The Animation test i used Adobe Flash.

5- test fluid
i made a fluid test for a submerged caracter.

6- Concep Art
Series of concept art paintings made in photoshop

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