I'm happy to finally, officially put up a video about my personal music project. Its called Dimensions Above, which is the title of a story I started writing. Artifactual Universe is a title I had in mind for the first album. It might change, but I'm keeping it for now. Then, there will at least one other album afterwards that completes the story.

Obviously its a really short video, its meant to be more of an intro to my other videos relating to this music project, as well as a motion graphics' experimentation to visualize a concept in the story. I'll explain the meaning of it later on.

As for the audio, its a part of a demo, nothing's mixed, and seeing as I only had a few seconds, I figured I wouldn't show too much since it would end quickly. This is more of an announcement of my music project, and again, an intro to future videos relating to this.

Video was made in After Effects.

Be sure to like my facebook page! facebook.com/dimensionsabove

Anyway, I'll explain more in depth as time goes, hope you guys like it!

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