This is a first-time test using Sail Video System's revolutionary "3rd Person View" camera mount via their Kickstarter program. The basic kit sold for 135 pounds.

It's kind of like a Snorricam but much cheaper and designed more for sports videos. Compared to other DIY projects I've seen, the 3rd Person View mount is highly configurable, compact, and super light. I can't believe it's taken someone so long to produce something like this.

As you can see it's not best used for sports like running and paintball. It's more designed for say, skiing, water sports and biking.
We used a Sony NEX-5N with 16mm + wide angle and the GoPro HERO 3.
Paintball we played is called Real Action Marker by
Venue: Tai Tong Wargame Centre

For 1080 version:

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