I know this plug-in isn't that new. But outside the VFX industry, it seems very little people are aware of The Foundry's Furnacecore plug-in package - a collection of their key plug-ins normally used in Nuke or Fusion but suitable for use in FCP 7 or Avid. It's a shame there isn't a Premiere or FCP X version.

On a recent project where I was shooting with a Sony FS700 at night I found it impossible to get a slow-mo (240fps or 200fps) and shutter-speed combination that didn't cause clicker from UK street lamps when shooting at night. Some of my footage looked awful - I thought it was ruined. Furnacecore DeFlicker completely saved the day! Sure, it took about an hour per minute to render (longer in some cases), but it was worth it - it turned unusable footage into perfect or very acceptable footage.

I should mention that aside from the fact that the rest of the Furnacecore package is also great, the best thing is: you can rent the plug-ins! It costs £350 to buy (ex. VAT), but only £2.92 (ex. VAT) per day to rent. There is a minimum order amount of £50 but if you only need it once, or on a per project basis and it can be charged to your client then this is a very attractive solution!

Here you can see the before and after of a few shots from that project: a series of 14 music videos I directed, shot and edited for the Nu:Logic album "What I've Always Waited For".

Check out the plug-ins here: thefoundry.co.uk/products/furnacecore/

Check out the full series of videos here: goo.gl/5opnN

Check out the album here: nulogicmusic.com/

Check out my website here: redhavoc.co.uk/

Check out my professional Vimeo page here: vimeo.com/redhavoc/videos/

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