Originally Posted on YouTube June 19th, 2010

This story takes place approximately eleven years after the Master/Doctor - The Future of Gallifrey Pt. 3.

Master/Doctor - Prophecy of Gallifrey Pt. 4

It is the last day of the Time War, the day of Gallifrey's destruction. When it is revealed in a prophecy that there are two survivors beyond the final day, Rassilon, the Lord President of Gallifrey, is determined to change the fate of Gallifrey. Furious and disgusted to learn that the survivors are none other than the Doctor and Master, who, together with their children, have found refuge on Earth, Rassilon orders a signal to be placed in the Master's mind as a child. Still trapped within the Time-Lock, Rassilon uses the White Point Star from his staff to create a physical link to the Master by sending it to Earth. As the connection is made, the drumming intensifies in the Master's head. He begins to dream of both the returning Time Lords and of warnings from the Doctor's mother. Shaken by the visions and a sense of impending doom, the Master decides to keep things to himself.

After years of traveling together, the Doctor is surprised and saddened to learn that Donna has decided to marry her long time boyfriend, Lee, and is planning to leave. Although she promises to remain part of the children's lives, the Doctor is disheartened that he will lose her daily visits. The Master, sensing the Doctor's increasing melancholy and fearing what the future holds, decides it is time to make a binding commitment to the Doctor. The Master proposes, the Doctor accepts, and they marry soon after. The Master finds a home for his family on Earth and they settle into a normal life.

A short time later, the Doctor is feeling ill and makes a visit to Torchwood. They discover, to everyone's surprise, that he is expecting a baby. One evening, as the Doctor is visiting with Gwen and Mickey, they see a large comet pass over the city. The Doctor realizes immediately it is a sign of something ominous to come, but before he can do anything he goes into premature labor. The Doctor is rushed to the hospital and met there by Torchwood. The Master arrives in time to see Martha deliver his new daughter, Amy, by c-section. Being too premature, she is placed in an incubator and taken to the hospital's neonatal unit. The Doctor slips into a coma, leaving the Master overwhelmed at the thought of losing both him and their small daughter. Finally, falling asleep, the Master again dreams of the Doctor's mother who reassures him the Doctor will recover this time. Upon returning to the hospital the Doctor emerges from his coma and soon the Doctor and their new daughter are allowed to return home.

During this time Jack and Gwen investigate the site where the comet fell and discover a large diamond. They take it to the Master and Doctor who are horrified when they see that it is a White Point Star which is only found on Gallifrey. The Doctor quickly concludes that the Time Lords are using the diamond to establish a link to Earth so they can return. The Doctor is filled with anxiety that the Time Lords may attempt to take their children away in disapproval of the Master and Doctor's relationship. The Master is overcome with grief as he realizes he was always carrying the signal inside his head. Later the Master confesses to the Doctor his fears, telling him the link is in his head and the only way to break it would be for him to die.

Neither the Doctor nor the Master realize that their youngest son, Koschei, overheard this conversation. Angry and confused, he confronts his father, telling him he knows he may die. The Doctor expresses concern over the Time Lords being able to find them. The Master, feeling the Doctor is blaming him for their predicament, lashes out, begging the Doctor kill him. The Doctor, angry, refuses. As the drumming continues to intensify, further eroding the Master's sanity, the Master decides in desperation to destroy all evidence that could lead the Time Lords to the Doctor or their children by setting fire to their home. Rushing back to the house, the Doctor finds their home engulfed in flames, the children safely out, but the Master gone.

Heartbroken, the Doctor realizes he must find the Master before it is too late. Having no choice, the Doctor divides their children between Donna, Martha, and Gwen to protect and care for them while he searches for the Master. Before the Doctor leaves he gives his fob watch to their oldest son, Theta, which contains information he may need in the future. The Doctor says his goodbyes and leave in his TARDIS, alone, to find the Master.

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