Dear Brandon,

Your progress is truly inspiring for so many others who seek the knowledge that you have already attained. In only a matter of months, you have learned so much and have improved tremendously. To learn over the internet is not an easy task, however with your determination you have exceeded our expectations as a true pioneer of our revolutionary new program. It is less than 2 years since we launched the official Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Online Distance Education Course, and to date, you are at the forefront of our program, leading by example, and inspiring countless others to learn as well.

As a pioneer of our program, you are paving the road that students will travel on for years to come. By lighting the way for yourself on this dark road , you are also lighting the way for others. Your pioneering spirit will assist Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu to establish members throughout the world and eventually open community centers world wide. We are counting on you to continue on your journey as you embark on a personal quest to attain the highest level of martial arts wisdom and humanity. Please have faith in our program and always remember that although you are learning alone, you are also practicing together with millions of comrades, world wide, who have dedicated their lives to the Shaolin Arts and Kung Fu.

Please work delegently and improve Qi Xing Quan by practicing the form each day several times. Please submit a video in 2 weeks and review the attached corrections. It is not easy to learn this way, however with a pioneering spirit to achieve your gaols, you can succeed.

After you recieve your official Wushu Shaolin Black Belt Certificate for the Shaolin Temple 9 Hand Forms, you may move on to either Wing Chun, Weapons, Tai Chi / Qi Gong, or other styles that we offer. However, I urge you to have faith in our program, and never rush your practice. Kung Fu is a journey that will last a lifetime. There is no rush to learn all of the different Shaolin Arts.


Your friends and comrades,

Shifu Sal Redner
Wushu Shaolin Entertainment

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