Video by OddOne.

Guests participated at Baltan’s successful e-Tapas event during STRP Biennale. A Temporary Photoelectric Digestopian work lab tasting examined the intersection of food and textiles, photosynthesis and biomimicry.

The Belgian artist Bartaku (Bart Vandeput) and French designer Carole Collet (Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design) presented strange, juicy, tasty ideas found in their study on the relationship between energy and food. They combine biology and nanotechnology and explore a future where designers become alchemists.

e-Tapas participants created and tasted their own e-Tapas, which included a buzz that made the tongue tingle. They also enjoyed Aronia berry wine, and a delicious dessert prepared and served to each participant personally by Eindhoven’s own top chef, Andre Amaro. And as a souvenir, each participant left with an edible photo of the e-Tapas they created.

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