Our entry for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Written, filmed and edited in less than 48 hours straight.

All the clips were recorded with a mobile phone, a Nokia Lumia 920 (which was gaffer taped to two wooden sticks and inserted into a tripod for the static scenes).

The final version of the film was edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, which only we learned to use the week before the competition started!

We recorded at 3 locations in Guildford: an underpass by the A3, a small hill close to Guildford Cathedral, and the offices and parking lot of one of the companies we work for.

We spent less than £20 on material for the sets. Big thanks to our colleagues for the mountain of cardboard boxes and polystyrene packaging that they unwittingly saved for us to use as props. The lighting for the indoor scenes was provided by a random collection of desk lamps.

The sound effects were from freesound.org, many thanks to EMSIarma, inchadney, zippi1 and Timbre for their work.

The film was ready an hour and a half before the deadline, but it took an hour and twenty minutes to upload, it was nerve-wracking!

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