In one of our regular outings in the woods, we decided to record some simple pictures of our flagship product, the “cachaba”, the walking stick. We just want to show how this staff meets the environment since the end of the day between the stones, the trees and those snows came the cane itself. Enjoy it, it’s simple.

The so-called "cachaba" is the most authentic walking stick in northern Spain. Handmade from ash wood tree and finely waning moon, to ensure strength and quality. It is also used for the children, because it is recommended a cane for short walks through the countryside, where it can be very helpful to approach blackberries or out for snakes.

One of the major differences with the rest of sticks is at its origin. It is not simply a bent twig, our walking stick is made from the trunk of the ash, the inside of which is withdrawn from the necessary for heat it and then order to give its characteristic curved shape. In this way ensures a hardness that endows walking stick a very long shelf life. You can find more information in our blog. Enjoy it, it's simple.

Composed by:Mark Breeding, BMI (50%), John Petersen, BMI (50%)
Published by: Music Of Paradise, BMI (50%), Freeplaymusic, BMI (50%)


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