Sarah McQuaid in concert at the Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligo, Ireland, 18 April 2009. With special guest Cathy Jordan (of Dervish) on "Fever". Full 43 minute set played as part of triple bill "Ebb & Flow: A Musical Voyage Through Lands and Seas" with NoCrows and The Unwanted. Many thanks to Felip Carbonell of NoCrows for organising the show and to Nick Opris of SligoTV for the video. Set list:
1. The Wagoner's Lad - trad arr S McQuaid
2. Ya Se Murió El Burro - trad arr S McQuaid
3. Only An Emotion - Sarah McQuaid (IMRO)
4. In The Pines - trad arr S McQuaid
5. The Plum Tree And The Rose - Sarah McQuaid (IMRO)
6. West Virginia Boys - trad arr S McQuaid (incorporating "Fever" by Peggy Lee)
7. When Two Lovers Meet - trad arr S McQuaid
8. The Last Song - Sarah McQuaid (IMRO)

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