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Knarsetand, Min la Vita



The Bloody Massacre


US Army Tanks face off with soviet tanks

Bostonians Paying Taxes

Berlin Wall

Abernathy Children

CORE Members

Crowd of Dutch Civilians

Banks occupation winchester

join or die

Civil RIghts Marchers

March on Wachington for Jobs

March on Washington 2

March on Washington 3

Martin Luther King at Podium

Martin Luther King with Malcom X

Rosa Parks Finger Prints

Rosa Parks Police Report

Crowd Welcoming Stormont

Voice of America: Iraq Sunni Protest

Itapuã Beach in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

ARVN Signal Train

Vietnamese Protestors

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Gadhafi Caricature


John Hancock

Liberal Tipton

Ahmadinejad Caricature

People in India on a train station the crouched and standing

Telephone Drawing

Alexander Graham Bell

Kodak Camera Ad


Picasso Signature

Sunset picnic

Korean Demilitarized Zone, seen from the DPRK side

See no Evil Print


Arch Duchesse Isabella

John Roberts Hearing


Animal Farm


The Time Machine

Carmello Anthony

ATT Center

View from the east of the construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome in 1857.

The U.S. Capitol under construction, 1860

Japan Tsunami

Creative Commons 1.0

See no Evil Monkeys: David Monniaux

Lock 2: AJmint

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Piccadilly Circus looking down 2005 * Photographer: User:Justinc

The Jamaraat Bridge (Mina) during Hajj 2008: Oecher

British Museum - Great Court roof and Reading Room: Cole Smith

Berlin Wall Piece in NY: Gaurav1146

SOPA Protest 1: Steffano Bolognini

Newt Gingrich: DonkeyHotey

Sprint Building: Brokenspear

Not One More Dollar: Audevivere

Obama Wins: J. C. Cameron Brueckner

Eiffel Tower: J. C. Cameron Brueckner

Rosa Parks Bus: Rmhermen

QR: Reader with Fist: Gordon Brookes

No Limit on Love: Andy.birkey

Rainbow Peace Flag: Angela N.

Vote No on Prop 8: IDHoward

For Sale My Rights: IDHoward

Vote your Marriage now: IDHoward

Equal Rights for All: IDHoward

Egyptian Sitin: Mona

Fist Graffiti: Denis Bocquet

Overview of Florence from Campanile di Giotto: Scott Raymond

Egyptian Protests: Ramy Raoof

Egyptian Protests: Ramy Raoof

Three Proud Mexicans: Newtown Graffiti

...lots of people...: Paul Holloway

More Protests 1: Saleem-Homsi

More Protests 2: Saleem-Homsi

Warhol Campbells Soup: Tom Rolfe

Occupy: Palinopisa_Films

1%: Palinopisa_Films

Meg Whitman: Mark James Miller

Anonymous 2: Skenmy

Summer solstice at Stone Henge: Robert of England

Anonymous 3: Zigazou76

Anonymous 4: Zigazou76

Anonymous 5: Zigazou76

Esther Stutzman leads her daugthers in a Kalapuya welcome song: Oregon Department of Transportation

Aaron: Alec Perkins

Alexis: Alec Perkins

It’s No longer OK: Apreche

Bad 4 Kitty: David Berkowitz

Save the Internet: David Berkowitz

See no Evil Women: Abelman

Jerusalem Old City from Mount of Olives: Wayne McLean

Green Peace Sopa: David Holmes

Torrent Freak Sopa: David Holmes

Wired Sopa: Jo Harrington Writer

Senate 968 Sopa: Jo Harrington Writer

Les animaux sauvages du parc: Nicolas Barcet

Giza: piramide di Cheope: Francesco Gasparetti

Arrest 1: A Gude

Arrest 2: Elvert Barnes

Arrest 3: Nick Gulotta

Arrest 4: Paul Stein JC

A Last day of Hajj: Omar Chatriwala of Al Jazeera English

Bobbing for Apples: Siegertmarc

Celebrations in Tahrir Square: Jonathan Rashad

Oreo: Andy Milton

Mexico City: LWY

Verizon Rat: Liz McElroy

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

Istambul, Hagia Sophia: User:Roweromaniak

The famous Opera House of Sydney: Christian Mehlführer

O Brave Gnu World: David Batley

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood: Steven Pavlov

Manhattan, New York City: Kamel15

A sheep farm in Gauteng, South Africa: NJR ZA

Wikileaks Truck: David_Shankbone

Anonymous 1: David_Shankbone

Stop ACTA: Tom Morris

Occupy Everything: David Shankbone

Leaning Tower - Pisa: Yair Haklai

Korean DMZ from the North Korean side: David Eerdmans

Wikipedia Sopa: Jorm

Yugoslavia v. Macedonia: Lybil BER

Lady Justice: Roland Zumbuehl

Big Brother Graffiti: Paterm

Maccabi haifa in Anfield: User:Green Ape

Farenheit 451: Seba Chacön

Pfäffikersee Seegfrörni: Roland zh

Lock 1: Photo by Adam Jones

Lock 3: Pethrus

Cell Towers: ZeWrestler

Northridge Earth Quake: Jesse W

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